• Dorothée

    After one year developing the Conciergerie, Dorothée is now in the driving seat.

  • Julienne

    Very involved in her neighbourhood’s life, Julienne love helping others. She will take good care of your house and garden, or share her passion for sewing.

  • Mohamed

    Equipped with many skills, Mohamed will know how to answer to your requests with good-humouredly.

  • Denise

    Denise is very thoughtful. She'll respond to your needs in housekeeping and cooking with enthousiasm.

  • Amokrane

    For all of your little computer’s concerns, Amoktane can help and teach you the basics so you can use and surf on your computer.

  • Aglaé

    Aglaé is our receptionnist. She'll respond to all of your questions and take your comments on our services with great pleasure!

  • Maxime

    Delicate and caring, Maxime knows how to take good care of your house, whether it is for housecleaning, gardening or small repairs.

  • Germaine

    With a green thumb, Germaine will watch over your garden with great attention. You need a babysitter? You just found the right person!

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